What Type of Land Survey Do I Need?

Learn more about the various types of land surveys in Ohio, and find out which survey type is required in various circumstances.

What type of land survey do i need infographic.

What Type of Land Survey Do I Need?

Mortgage Location Survey

ALTA Survey

  • Ordered by Title Company/Lender/Attorney
  • When transferring property, typically large commercial real estate transactions
  • Similar to commercial MLS, but much higher accuracy and more detailed information provided

Boundary Survey

  • Ordered by Property Owner
  • To determine property lines
  • Required prior to the construction of property improvements to ensure proper placement/avoid encroachments

Topographic Survey

  • Ordered by Property Owner
  • Establishes land elevations prior to improvements to property
  • Generally requested by the Architect or Engineer for design

With 50 years experience in surveying in all 88 counties of Ohio, McSteen Land Surveyors is a leader in the industry. Contact us or order a survey and let our team of survey professionals take on your surveying needs.


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