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Topographic surveys include field measurement and preparation of a plat to establish land elevations. These surveys are typically contracted by a residential or commercial property owner before making improvements to the property such as, but not limited to, additions, landscaping, or parking lots. If you are developing, building, demolishing, you will likely need a topographic survey!

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What 2021 Will Bring for Real Estate, Home Sales, and New Construction 

While the real estate industry played a significant role in keeping the economy afloat during the pandemic, it appears that the construction industry may take on that role in the post-pandemic world. Or at least in 2021.

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Rippling.  The Predictive Index.  Empower 401k.  These are a few of our HR Software partners.  And we LOVE them.

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Wesley Steuwe headshot and title banner.

Wesley Steuwe, Training & Development Specialist

Part of the McSteen Team for about a year and a half, Wes is a Training and Development Specialist who describes himself as creative, goal-driven, and a problem-solver. Prior to joining McSteen, Wesley Steuwe was a Project Manager with a national wood bridge construction company. He values the “family business style mentality” of McSteen, as well as the attention to detail and excellent customer service.

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Draw Inspection headline image.

You’ve undertaken a construction project, residential or commercial, and engaged a builder and lender to help execute it. But how and when does the builder get paid?  How are you sure the project is progressing on track?

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Q+A with Molly Woeste graphic.

A Q + A with Molly Woeste, VP of McSteen Land Surveyors

In a recent conversation with Janelle Keifer from Ohio Real Title, our Vice President, Molly Woeste, answered some questions common to title and real estate clients about the different types of land surveys and their roles in real estate transactions.

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ALTA/NSPS minimum standards graphic.

The big day is right around the corner – February 23, 2021 – the effective date for the new version of the ALTA/NSPS Minimum Standard Detail Requirements. Are you prepared? We’ve got you covered with what’s new! Let’s dive in. 

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Selena Hernandez, Senior Customer Support Specialist

The Senior Customer Support Specialist for McSteen, Selena Hernandez, says “my number one role is to make sure our clients are happy and getting good quality service.” On a day-to-day basis, Selena monitors jobs, helps with research, and “pretty much takes on whatever is thrown her way.” 

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The foundation of a new home being built.

As the construction of new homes increases, so does the need for foundation surveys. Different than a traditional mortgage location survey (MLS) or boundary survey, a Foundation Survey collects information about the position of a foundation that was poured by a contractor to ensure that it is in the right location and that it is built with the proper setbacks and zoning methods.

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