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A core focus at McSteen is to be on the cutting edge of innovation. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we seek to equip them with the latest technology to allow them to do their job with speed and accuracy, while maintaining our quality standards. We love being at the forefront of testing new technology, and continually adding to our arsenal of technology. Here are some of our favorites that help us to provide efficient, precise land surveying services for our clients.
Spectra SP85.

Spectra SP85 RTK GPS

The Spectra Geospatial® SP85 is a next generation GNSS receiver that combines decades of GNSS RTK technology with revolutionary new GNSS processing. Its powerful capabilities, packaged in an ultra-rugged housing and patented antenna design, make SP85 an extremely versatile turnkey solution that can be used with unlimited operation time because of the SP85’s hot-swappable, dual battery setup.

Trimble TSC5 Data Collector.

Trimble TSC5 Data Collector

The Trimble TSC5 Data Collector is designed to be the workhorse of the modern surveyor. This sixth generation controller combines high performance with the reliability you need to work comfortably and efficiently in the field.

Trimble S6 robotic total station.

Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station

The Trimble S6 Total Station enables surveyors to remotely see and measure through a live video feed from the tool on their data control. The Trimble S6 Robotic redefines surveying tool performance with an unsurpassed integration of servos, angle sensors, and measurement technology.

DJI Phantom Pro drone for aerial surveys.

Phantom 4 Pro

The Phantom 4 Pro drone features quieter flight and an updated transmission system, along with Advanced sensors and processors ensure everything is captured with more image detail and the image data needed for advanced post-production use.

Spectra SP80.

Spectra SP80 RTK GPS

The SP80 is a new generation GNSS receiver that uses the unique Z-Blade technology to track and process all available GNSS signals, providing the most reliable measurements and the highest possible accuracies in challenging environments. The receiver is a powerful, rugged and easy-to-use system designed for everyday surveyors.

Emlid Reach RS2.

Emlid Reach RS2 RTK GPS

A multi-band RTK GNSS receiver, the Emlid Reach RS2 RTK GPS offers centimeter precision for surveying, mapping, and navigation. With a mobile app for added convenience, the Emlid Reach RS2 gets a fixed solution in just seconds and maintains robust performance even in challenging conditions.

RD7200 Precision Locator.

Radiodetection RD7200 Precision Locator

Able to be used in a multitude of ways, a Utility Locator can essentially find anything metallic that is subsurface. If there is a gas line, they wrap wires around it, run wires up to the surface at valve point. We connect on to there and we can detect from the top to get accurate locations.


Sensors & Software LMX200

Also referred to as a “long bar,” GPR is a non-intrusive surveying technique used to locate utilities, rebar, conduits, voids, and other features below the surface. The GPR sends radar signals into the ground and then measures the wave to see how deep the detected utility is.

Pix4d Survey screenshot.

Pix4d and Pix4d Survey

A unique photogrammetry software suite for drone mapping that measures from images. This is the next generation photogrammetry software for large scale and corridor mapping, allowing us to make better decisions with accurate 3D maps and models.

Carlson Survey drafting software box.

Carlson Survey Drafting Software

Users are able to work seamlessly between the office and the field by utilizing company-wide design styles for ease of use and efficiency with Carlson Survey Drafting Software. The software is designed to complement land surveying operations and provides a variety of survey features to process data.

MicroSurvey CAD Drafting software.

MicroSurvey CAD Drafting Software

MicroSurvey CAD drafting software is a calculation-focused CAD platform for land surveyors and engineering professionals, designed to maximize efficiency and value by supporting many workflows and data formats in a single program.

Trimble Business Center screenshot.

Trimble Business Center

The Trimble Business Center offers field-to-finish survey CAD software that helps surveyors deliver high-accuracy GNSS data, create CAD deliverables, and leverage full data traceability throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Trimble Access Software screenshot.

Trimble Access Software

The leading field software in land surveying, Trimble Access Software is used along with the Trimble TSC3 Data to support the everyday work of our crews. The technology allows us to improve functionality by offering a familiar interface that increases productivity cost effectively.

Topcon GTS 235w Total Station.

Topcon GTS 235w Total Station

The first electronic total station to feature wireless operation, offering four levels of angular accuracy to suit any application. The rugged, waterproof/dustproof design stands up to the harshest construction site environment.

Nikon NIVO 2 M Total Station.

Nikon NIVO 2 M Total Station

Nikon's next generation total station is Nivo - the absolute leaders for go anywhere measurement tools. Compact in size and lightweight, they are convenient to carry over long distances. The NIVO 2 M has legendary Nikon high clarity optics, allowing clearer images in bright and low light conditions, making measurements easy and reducing eye stress.

Joy Factory Case

Apple iPad with Joy Factory Case

The aXtion Bold MPS for iPad 9.7″ combines the protection of a rugged case with a slim and professional design. The case is built with high quality silicone material that increases the case’s longevity and features a locking mechanism to keep your tablet investment safe. For the mobile workforce, it features a rotating hand strap and a multi-angle stand for portrait and landscape viewing and typing modes.