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McSteen is a third-generation family-owned business with 50+ years of experience.

“You can go to work every day, and then go home. That’s one option. Or… you can define your work, the people you help and the ones that help you, with Purpose.”

– Molly Woeste, President

Our Purpose:

Securing the Land where we Live, Work and Play

Safeguarding real estate through our unparalleled delivery of a customer-crafted experience and innovation that propels us beyond boundaries. Our workplace is more than just a collection of individuals; it’s a family that values each member. Here, autonomy and flexibility are not just perks; they are the pillars of a culture that encourages growth, creativity, and a balanced life.

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Why Mcsteen?

“I love how innovative McSteen is. I think that is the top factor that sets us apart from others in the industry. As a company, we are not afraid to spend the time and resources to ensure that each team member has the tools necessary to be effective. McSteen also has a wonderful atmosphere for us to work in. They understand the importance of having a good work-life balance and provide growth opportunities.”

– Melissa Gutowitz, HR & Employee Experience Manager

Survey Field Crew

A survey crew is responsible for collecting data and monumentation in the field for the property being surveyed. They look for and document all the necessary information to send back... expand ›

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Drafters have the important task of taking the collected field data from the field crew and putting it all together on paper. When field data comes into the office and is imported into CAD... expand ›

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Licensed Surveyor

A licensed surveyor is someone who has completed the required education, experience and examination criteria to obtain licensure as determined and regulated by the State Board of... expand ›

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Customer Support

We are in business to be helpful to our clients and non-clients alike. From order processing, web inquiries, status updates, project coordination and general administrative tasks... expand ›

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Interested in a Career in Land Surveying?

What is a land surveyor?

“We are a rare breed. We are engineers, archeologists, and historians all rolled into one. We are the people you call when you want to know where your property boundaries are, we take a lot of measurements and turn them into pretty pictures for the world to view.”

– Matt Hildebrandt, P.S., Survey Department Drafting Supervisor


What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

You Want a Career in Land Surveying – Now What?

Why Choose a Career in Land Surveying?

Our Recent Growth Stories …

We’re focused on GROWTH. Because when the company grows, so do the opportunities for our team. The impact of growing as an individual is powerful. The impact of growing a team? Well, that… goes Beyond Boundaries.

Our Survey department recently held their first “calc day” with a focus on developing the drafting team to further progress in boundary calculations. Once trained, if each member of our survey drafting team calced one job per week, it would facilitate an additional 1-2 jobs billed per week!

We recently onboarded a new Title client in the Mortgage department with an expected order volume of 80 mortgage locations per month, or just shy of 1,000 orders annually!

We recently established a relationship with a large engineering firm in the Survey department. Our team has completed two base mapping projects for them already this year, projecting an additional 12-15 substantially sized projects annually from this relationship alone.

Our Mortgage department order volume is up 11% for the year. About half of this increase follows market trends, with the other half being attributable to increased market share – The McSteen Team… making it happen!

The Mortgage department recently hired 3 additional field crews. Once trained, this allows for approximately 20 additional mortgage locations to be completed daily, or approximately 5,000 mortgage locations annually.

Get Started in Your Career as a Land Surveyor

“We are willing to take on people who have no knowledge of the industry and train them. We also recognize that we can always improve upon our training – that openness to improvement also sets us apart.”

– Maureen Feller, COO