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Boundary Surveys

Boundary Survey example.

What is a Boundary Survey?

Boundary surveys are performed to locate, describe, monument and map precise boundaries and corners of a land parcel. These surveys involve record and field research as well as field measurements and computations. The findings are shown on a survey plat that is signed and stamped by an Ohio licensed surveyor and given to the landowners. A description may also be required for purposes of recording a new deed. Ohio boundary survey minimum standards are located in Chapter 4733-37 of the Administrative Code.

Boundary Surveys Show:

  • Boundary lines and property information (i.e. address, parcel numbers, deed reference, etc.)
  • Location of structures ( i.e. houses, barns, permanent accessory buildings) related to property boundary lines
  • Acreage/Square footage of subject property
  • Encroachments ( i.e. driveways, fences, buildings) that cross over any boundary line

Boundary surveys are also the initial step in subdividing or consolidating a property.

It is recommended that a boundary survey be completed prior to any building or improvement on a lot to ensure that construction does not cross onto a neighboring property.

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