Land Surveying

ALTA Surveys

ALTA Survey example.

The ALTA is the go to survey for commercial property transfer or refinance.

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Boundary Surveys

Boundary Survey example.

Boundary surveys are performed to locate, describe, monument and map precise boundaries and corners of a land parcel.

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Topographic Surveys

Topographic Survey example.

Learn the elevations or relief of your property for a site plan or new construction through a topo survey.

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Lot Splits

Lot Split and Consolidation example.

Lot splits and consolidations can be used to divide and consolidate land according to your specifications, while meeting county requirements.

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Flood Certification

FEMA Flood Certificate example.

A flood certification may be needed for flood insurance, a loan or new construction.

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Aerial Surveys

Aerial Survey equipment.

Drone mapping and surveying can accompany traditional surveying methods to significantly reduce time and cost.

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Site Plans

Site Plan example.

Site Plans are instrumental to the design of any commercial or residential construction project for structure, concrete and improvement placement.


Easement example.

Easements allow a separate party temporary or permanent use of a portion of your land.

Construction Staking

Construction Staking example.

Construction staking is necessary during site prep to ensure the builder knows where to place improvements.