Putting Our Core Fundamentals to the Test

Early in 2020, we were preparing to celebrate 50 years of McSteen Land Surveying and took some time to reflect on where we had been and where we thought we were going. In an article at the time, Setting Our Sight on 2020 and Beyond, we talked about the three core fundamentals that drive our company: our longevity, our innovation, and our growth. 

And then the calendar flipped to March 2020 … and along with it, came the true test of our fundamentals. As she reflects on that article that in one way feels like it was just written, and in other ways, like it was a lifetime ago McSteen Vice President, Molly Woeste, sums it up, “Wow. So much change.” But, it turns out, despite its challenges 2020 went a long way to demonstrate the strength of our core fundamentals and how those fundamentals helped us to successfully adapt. 

Not to say there were not rocky times, but our ability to mobilize quickly in what rapidly became the new normal set the precedent for how McSteen would adapt and thrive in 2020. So as the strangest year that we have ever lived and worked through comes to a close, we take a look at how our core fundamentals stood both the test of time and change. 


What not even a global pandemic could alter was that we remain a proud 3rd-generation family-owned business heading into our 51st year of providing services throughout all 88 counties of Ohio. And although how we do so has changed, we still pride ourselves on taking on the role of educator in the industry, and a source of information for both clients and non-clients. Furthermore, we are working on developing our digital Continuing Education classes and will continue to look for more opportunities to provide education to the industry. 


At McSteen, we have always looked at technology as a way to become more efficient, and have been early adopters of new technologies as they became available. But as the global pandemic began to impact every aspect of our day-to-day life and business, our focus on innovation shifted from not only the latest technology for our field crews but also remote work, enhanced communication methods, and learning to work safely in our new normal.  We remain invested in providing our team members the latest technology to do their jobs providing fast, accurate, and high-quality surveys.


In early 2020, we had our sights set on expanding the McSteen presence, particularly in the Central Ohio market. As the challenges of 2020 unfolded, we’ve not only increased our market share statewide but have also pivoted our focus to figuring out how to manage and hire the team members necessary to meet the demand in a rapidly expanding real estate market

It seems, in fact, that the old adage “change is the only constant in life,” could not be truer. But we are proud of how our core fundamentals have helped to guide us through the challenging year, and we remain excited about what is to come for the McSteen team. We’ll see you in 2021!

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