The McSteen Team: Meet Jordan Evanko

Jordan Evanko, Crew Chief, Mortgage Location Department

With McSteen Land Surveyors for 13 years, Jordan says he feels fortunate to have found a place like McSteen after trying college but deciding it wasn’t for him. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jordan about a few of his favorite things, and what he enjoys most about being part of the McSteen team.

Our employees are our greatest asset, and they are what set us apart from the competition – and they are pretty cool, too! Meet Jordan Evanko …

McSteen team member, Jordan Evanko, headshot and bio.

What are the qualities that you have that help you to do your job successfully?

Good with numbers, hardworking, personable

How would your clients and/or colleagues describe you?

Easy going, outdoor voice

What are you listening to/reading/watching?

McMillions and Dirty Money … maybe a little Jersey Shore

What is your dream vacation?

The Maldives. One of those ocean bungalows

How do you think McSteen is different from other land surveying companies?

I think their level of commitment to employees differentiates them from other employers.

What is your favorite thing about working at McSteen?

The ability to work independently while also having the option of getting help when it’s needed; and being on the road seeing new territory.

Tell us about your family.

Small at the moment just me, my pup Henry, and the best fiancé ever

What do you like to do in your free time?

Golf, nap, vacation


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