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Our team of survey professionals located around the state of Ohio is dedicated, appreciated, and ready to take on your surveying, draw inspection, and utility location needs. But we are also here to provide information and serve as a resource for the land surveying industry and profession.

We have curated our top articles from 2021, but you can check out all of the latest industry news, surveyor resources, educational articles, and the happenings at McSteen on our blog. Be sure to check back because we are always adding more information!

Mortgage Location versus Boundary Survey title image.

The Difference Between A Mortgage Location Survey And A Boundary Survey 

There are many different types of surveys, but boundary surveys and mortgage location surveys (MLS) are most commonly needed by property owners when purchasing land and/or planning property improvements. Boundary surveys and mortgage locations both bring incredible value, but they have some pretty significant differences when it comes to how they can be used. Knowing which type of survey you need and how to rely on them is critical to getting the most out of your land survey.

ALTA/NSPS minimum standards graphic.

Breaking It Down: 2021 ALTA/NSPS Minimum Standards 

Changes to the minimum standards became effective on February 23, 2021, and we shared some highlights that most directly impact our clients. Of course, for our clients who are familiar with our ALTA Surveys, the changes described are things that we’ve been including in our standard product for quite some time. These updates to the standards made by ALTA and NSPS are in an effort to make sure you’re receiving a universal, standardized product, no matter what surveyor you’ve contracted, nationwide.

Draw Inspection headline image.

Draw Inspections – What are they and why are they important? 

You’ve undertaken a residential or commercial construction project and engaged a builder and lender to help execute it. But how and when does the builder get paid?  How are you sure the project is progressing on track? Draw inspections are used to determine construction progress for the lender and help to mitigate risks inherent to construction projects through regular on-site inspections.

The process of building a home.

Building A Home? Things To Know Before You Build

So it is time for a new home, but the existing homes are moving quickly, and finding one that is right for your family can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. You do have a couple of other options, including buying a new home already constructed by a builder or build from the ground up. If you choose to start building a home from the ground up, it is important to ask the right questions before you get started.

McSteen utility location featured image.

What You Need To Know About Utility Location

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Call before you dig!”, or perhaps have seen it plastered on the side of a utility truck cruising around your neighborhood. But have you stopped to think about why you should call before you dig … and who are you supposed to call? We look at the difference between public and private utility locating and why utility location is essential for project planning and land development.

Shortage of Land Surveyors featured image.

Why Is There A Shortage Of Land Surveyors? … And What Can We Do About It?

The land surveying industry is facing a significant shortage of professionals and is expected to only grow by 2% by 2030. We take a look at some of the barriers to entry for the profession of land surveying and what may be causing a shortage in the profession. More importantly, we look at some things that we are doing within the industry and at McSteen Land Surveyors to reverse this trend and attract talent to the surveying profession.

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