FEMA Elevation Certificate

Flood Certification

FEMA Flood Certificate example.

What is a Flood Certification and Why Do I Need One?

Flood Risks and Hazards change due to weather patterns, erosions, rising and lowering major water levels, and new developments. Because drainage patterns and water flows can be altered, the associated flood risks must also be updated. If your property is impacted by these flood risks, you may need an elevation certificate for flood insurance.

Flood Maps

Through the National Flood Insurance Program, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)partners with states and communities to identify and assess flood hazards, risks, and provide accurate data to guide stakeholders to take preventative action to create safer and stronger communities.

The data gathered by FEMA is placed into flood maps, known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). This provides the framework for community floodplain management regulations and flood insurance rates and requirements.

Flood Zones

Flood zones are geographic designations that have been defined in accordance with the varying levels of flood risks and hazards. When a new map is published, or current map is revised, the flood hazard, building or insurance requirements may also change. Obtaining this information is important for property buyers or owners to make informed decisions about where to plan, build, or rebuild a development.

Flood Elevation Certificate

To determine the regulations to build on a property or to obtain an accurate insurance rate, a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate is required. This certificate verifies several calculations that are particularly important if it is in a high-risk flood area including items like the elevation of the lowest finished floor of your house relative to the ground and the lowest utility servicing your building. This flood elevation certificate can only be prepared by locally licensed individuals, most commonly completed by land surveyors.

At McSteen, our crew will mark your property elevations and compare them to national vertical benchmarks. The information will be brought back into the office and reviewed by our licensed survey professional, who will complete the certification and get it ready to file with FEMA so all you have to do is send it in. Our team does the heavy lifting for your flood certification, so you don’t have to!

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