Looking Ahead to 2023 with McSteen

After an incredibly hectic 2020 and 2021, 2022 was a year of reshuffling says McSteen President, Molly Woeste. “2022 was a year of finding our new stride,” she says. “For us, that meant reviewing our resources, our team and our business opportunities and finding the best fit in each of those arenas.” 

Molly is emphatic that they have made some “phenomenal additions to our work family over the past few years.” In 2022, she says, “we focused on where new and existing team members thrive and fit best within our organization and utilized the time to make strategic team shifts, working closely with individuals to determine not just where the “need” was, but also what area of the business was of the most interest to them.”

As a result, McSteen has seen the improvement in team performance, company product and all around atmosphere of the company. 

As for what’s new at McSteen this year, Molly says the focus is on expanding their service areas to include surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. “We have such a great foundation and an incredible team, how could we not look at expanding?!”

All the building blocks were there and ready.  As our clients began to ask us more and more frequently for expansion into surrounding states, the timing and the transition plan just felt right.  We’ve been hard at work setting the stage with our systems to be able to take the leap.  It’s been an exciting start that we look forward to building on next year.”

Just as McSteen is expanding their footprint, the company’s leadership team is growing too with the hire of the first HR and Employee Experience Manager for the company, Melissa Gutowitz. Molly notes, “We’ve always felt strongly about keeping our team’s needs at the forefront in order to be successful. Melissa is helping us execute that vision.” 

As for what’s to come in 2023, Molly says that the team is committed to strengthen McSteen’s presence in the new territories, with a focus on Indiana and Kentucky, specifically. “Doing this means growing our team, strengthening our partnerships and continuing to uphold our service standards.” 

But McSteen has growth goals for its home state of Ohio, as well. “While we have a strong team across all of Ohio, we look forward to increasing our presence in central and southern Ohio with our current partners as well as new ones.”

As always, our number one goal is to provide a great product with even better service to meet the needs of our clients – the typical needs, and the “out of the norm” as well.  That’s what we pride ourselves on – being the go-to for our partners.”

While 2022 has shown that the real estate industry is a bit of a roller coaster, Molly says that, “the important thing is, people still need to buy homes and commercial transactions are still holding strong.” More importantly, “we foresee more of that in 2023.”  

“Just because there isn’t a firehose of business in the industry pipeline, doesn’t mean there isn’t real estate work to be earned. That’s our focus. Earning our business.  That means doing what’s right for our clients and doing what’s right for our team. Our belief is that the rest will fall inline.”

Of course, without the McSteen team, none of this is possible.

The team has been so energized and excited about new territories and expansions, that it makes new areas even more attainable.  We continue to look for new ways to invest in our people and they continue to exceed expectations, every time.”

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