Project Spotlight: French Cultural Garden  

The French American Chamber of Commerce of Ohio dedicated the French Cultural Garden on Sunday, April 7, at The Cleveland Museum of Art at University Circle. Phase I of the Garden includes a terrace in the shape of France, a flagpole, and sign.  

McSteen’s Boundary Survey Department was proud to partner on this project, with the field team and drafting teams both playing a role before the final review by Ryan Snezek, P.S., Director of Survey.  

Our role as a whole team was to provide a base map for the design professionals to complete the design work as well as provide a legal description of the project area to be used in the agreement between the French Chamber of Commerce and the City of Cleveland.  

Collin Perchinske, Senior Survey Crew Chief conducted the field work for the project, which included obtaining the appropriate data to create an accurate base map and setting monumentation at all corners of the project area. Once the raw field data was collected, Hannah Speck, Survey Drafter used it to create the final product that was sent to client following the final review.  

Hannah notes, “It was a little tricky to develop an accurate topographic surface for this project due to the hilliness of the project area and the fact that it is surrounded by three roads and a large retaining wall bridge.” In addition, the project being a Culture Garden added more interesting challenges. From experience, Collin knew that on these projects, the city wants to know exactly where the old growth trees are and the type of tree. That always adds a little extra detail for the field work.  

Nevertheless, Collin says, “It was a pretty typical base mapping project for us. These are the types of projects we work on very regularly here at McSteen and they are beyond rewarding for us.  

A pleasant surprise working on this project was the ability to work hands-on with the client and industry colleagues. The team at the French Chamber of Commerce, particularly Larry Miller and Cedric LeRouge, were on site the first day and even brought chocolate croissants. In addition, the McSteen team worked with Richard Levitz from RK Levitz Architecture. “Richard and I have teamed up on projects for many years now,” Ryan says, “and he has always been an outstanding individual to work with.” 

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