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From pre-planning to a completed project, McSteen can help to keep your construction project on track, on time, and on budget.

  • Utility Location
    • Underground utility detection is essential to land development and project planning.
    • Without locating utilities, you may experience:
  • Budget overruns
  • Uncertain project schedules
  • Duplication of planning efforts
  • Topographic Survey and Site Plans
    • If you are developing, building, demolishing, you will likely need a topographic survey and site plan.
    • Ensures that the land’s features will be suitable for its intended use.
      • Studies and measures the elevation of the land’s surface
      • Identifies and locates both the man-made and natural features on the property.
      • Gives all parties working on the job a reference point from which to start.
  • A site plan will also place proposed improvements on the drawing to ensure proper location for the design.
  • Mortgage Location Foundation Survey
    • Prepared for the Lender and Title Company
    • Ensures the foundation of the new structure is correctly placed before continuing the build process.
      • Provide assurance to the lender that their investment is properly located  so that construction workers can continue with the project.
      • Certify that the house is in the clear with regard to building setbacks, existing easements, and property lines.
      • Necessary prior to the disbursement of the foundation draw.
  • Draw Inspection
    • Helps to ensure a construction project is completed on time and on budget.
      • Draw inspections are a best practice used by most lenders to validate progress in conjunction with disbursing funds.
      • Aid in the smooth and timely completion of the project for the project owner.

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