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Our team of Survey Professionals is our greatest asset! And we’re always looking to build on that. Over the years we’ve put together an incredible team, most of whom have been with us for the duration of their career. We spend a lot of time at work – might as well enjoy it and the people around us!

Interested in surveying but not sure what role is right for you? Here’s a description of our most commonly filled positions:

Survey Field Crew

A survey crew is responsible for collecting data and monumentation in the field for the property being surveyed. They look for and document all the necessary information to send back to the office team of drafters and licensed surveyors to take and interpret into a final survey. They are a critical piece of the land surveying puzzle. It all starts here – with the perfect combination of detail orientation, computational skills and enjoying the great outdoors.

Our field crews are the boots on the ground and our physical eyes at the property to report what’s happening at each location we are hired to survey. Whether a mortgage survey, boundary, ALTA, topographic work or elsewise, the process relies heavily on field crew observation and data collection. Our crews are highly skilled in the latest surveying techniques and have the best technology at their fingertips to ensure quality data to kick off the survey process for our team.

Every successful product starts with the best ingredients – and that’s what our field crews do! Provide only the best.

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Drafters have the important task of taking the collected field data from the field crew and putting it all together on paper. When field data comes into the office and is imported into CAD, it can often look like a bunch of jumbled dots on a screen to the untrained eye. But to a survey drafter, those dots tell a story. And more importantly form a picture. The drafters take the initial data and convert it into a survey drawing that then forms an actual depiction of the property being surveyed – think of it as one big “connect the dots” game.

While our field crews are critical for setting the building blocks of our surveys, our drafters are responsible for bringing the whole picture together – the meat and potatoes. They interpret field data, make sure it makes sense, is complete, and most importantly that it’s presentable and easily interpreted by our clients. Like our crews, they are also equipped with the latest software and technology to help them complete their jobs quickly and efficiently.

At McSteen we pride ourselves in cultivating a survey product that far exceeds industry standards both in accuracy and presentation. Our skilled team of drafters are instrumental in delivering this product. They are also the final step before handing the project over to our team of licensed surveyors for an overarching review and computation before stamping and signing our surveys.

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Licensed Surveyor

A licensed surveyor is someone who has completed the required education, experience and examination criteria to obtain licensure as determined and regulated by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors ( A licensed surveyor is critical to each survey transaction, being that they are in responsible charge for every signed survey that is completed – coaching the team along the way and then carrying the project over the finish line.

At McSteen, we have licensed surveyors in both our Boundary and Mortgage Location Survey departments. They are the final voice and authority on our projects, utilizing their knowledge and experience to provide assurance to our clients that the product they receive has been performed with the utmost regard for quality. They review the data collected by the field crews, analyze the picture put together by our drafters, perform boundary calculations (for boundary surveys) and lastly review, sign and stamp our final survey.

Our team is designed to bring peace of mind to every real estate transaction, construction project and survey need from start to finish. Our licensed surveyors play a critical role in this effort.

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Customer Support

We are in business to be helpful to our clients and non-clients alike. From order processing, web inquiries, status updates, project coordination and general administrative tasks, our customer support team is critical to ensuring a smooth interaction from the first point of contact through survey completion and follow up. They are the fiber that connects the whole process and our front line communication to our clients. They are absolutely essential to every step of our end product.

Our clients can rest assured they are in good hands with our team of customer support specialists.

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