A Surveyor’s Role in Title Insurance

Did you know that in the United States, there is no guarantee of ownership of real property? While a deed is evidence that you might own it, it is not definitive proof of your ownership of real property. Title insurance allows you to confidently buy real property, or to obtain a loan to buy or develop real property, as it provides some assurance that one’s investment is not at risk.

In real estate, the property deed is a physical document that conveys the title to the new owner upon sale of the property. After the deed, the land survey and the title insurance policy are the two most important documents in establishing and protecting ownership. 

Lenders often require title insurance to ensure that the real property collateral is protected, as well as a land survey that can uncover unforeseen problems that could be detrimental to the integrity of a property’s title. 

Land surveys play an important role in both residential and commercial real estate transactions, to both the parties involved in the transaction and the title company insuring the land. Surveys provide many important pieces of information needed for the closing including, but not limited to:

  • Confirming the correct property is being sold or mortgaged and insured
  • Confirming the dimensions of the property
  • Identifying easements of record such as for utilities and access;
  • Detailing encroachments that affect the property. 

A survey for property transfer really consists of two different questions (1) what is the property? and (2) where is the property located. The deed establishes ownership of the identified property, but it is the land survey that determines exactly where that property is located and, in essence, insures the property lines.

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