A State of Gratitude

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At McSteen, we strive to be intentional in practicing gratitude, not just because it makes us feel good, but because we believe it makes us a better company, employer, and partner to our clients. We feel that when employees feel valued, they are more satisfied with job, more likely to engage in productive relationships, are motivated to do their best, and work towards achieving the company’s goals. We like to call that the McSteen Difference.

Rather than just talk about how we like to practice gratitude, we asked the McSteen leadership team to share their thoughts on what they are most grateful for this year:

Molly Woeste during Women's Small Business Month.

“Lots to be grateful for in 2022!  In a year where the market changed so quickly, we’ve been reflecting on how strong our partnerships are and how we can enhance them even further.  We’re reconnecting with old clients (who have become more like friends), continuing to hire and train our incredible team to provide the best service, and taking a moment to breathe, reflect and make sure we’re still all pushing forward toward our unified goals as one McSteen team.  We’re excited for 2023!”

– Molly Woeste, President

“As we’ve continued to grow our production team, I’m also grateful for how we’ve grown our support and admin team!  From our expanded customer support group who keeps not just our clients in the loop but our field crews and drafters too, to our new HR and admin hires who make sure our entire team is supported and that our processes evolve with the company.  Our goal is to make McSteen a great place to work and our support teams play a huge role in that!”

– Maureen Feller, COO

Maureen Feller during Women's Small Business Month.

“I am incredibly grateful for our fantastic team. As we have expanded our entire McSteen family into new areas and states, it has been our team that made it happen. 2022 has been an incredible year of growth and development, or as I think of it, “building our launch pad.”  With our amazing team and tools in place, I have never been more excited for 2023 and everything it has in store for our team.”

– Kevin Woeste, CEO

“I am grateful for becoming a part of the McSteen team in 2022!”

– Melissa Gutowitz, HR & Employee Experience Manager

Melissa Gutowitz headshot.
Ryan Snezek headshot.

“I am beyond grateful for the strides the survey department has made since I have been here.  Our team has really grown to be an efficient and knowledgeable asset to this company and we could not have achieved all that we have without all the hard work over the past several years.   It makes my job easier when I am surrounded by such outstanding people.  A great deal of gratitude also has to go out to the whole support team here at McSteen. Whether its ownership, IT or  HR, we are provided with whatever we need to be successful in all of our endeavors.”

– Ryan Snezek, Director, Survey Department

“I’m grateful to be gainfully employed with McSteen for the past 18 years.  I’m thankful for the leadership team and upper management that continue to pursue new opportunities and growth.  I very much appreciate all the hard work the field and drafting teams put in as well.  It’s definitely not always easy but overall everyone strives for a job well done.” 

– Marcus Petersen, Mortgage Drafting Manager

Marcus Petersen headshot.
Greg Hill headshot.

“2022 has definitely been a big jump for McSteen.  I’m glad to be a part of making the move to take the team into new territories.  With the move to do surveys in Indiana and Kentucky, It just shows how strong and dedicated this company is in moving forward with the needs for our clients!  Can’t wait to continue all the new challenges in 2023!”

– Greg Hill, Mortgage Field Manager

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