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Mortgage Location

Many misconceptions exist regarding Mortgage Location Surveys. Assumptions are sometimes made on the part of the Homeowner, the Title Company and/or the Lender as to what the purpose of the Mortgage Location Survey (MLS) is, and what it can and can’t be used for. What exactly are the Surveyors doing in the field? A broad range of beliefs exist from assuming the Surveyor is merely “driving by the site” to assuming that Read More

Today Show Recommends Hiring a Surveyor

The Today Show aired a “Faulty FEMA maps force homeowners to buy unnecessary insurance” story Sept. 11, 2013. A quote from the end of the story said, “You can hire a local surveyor to come out to your property to prepare an elevation certificate. It will cost you several hundred dollars, but it could save you money in the long run.” Watch the story.